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Formal Scientific Research into farm forestry

Formal scientific research relevant to farm forestry in Australia is undertaken by many different organizations including universities, national research and development corporations, government laboratories, private industry, public sector agencies, CSIRO and state agencies. University researchers commonly involve postgraduate students in research projects related to forestry and farming.

Cooperative Research Centres, generally known as CRCs, bring together researchers from a range of research organisations in long-term collaborative arrangements that support research and development and education activities that achieve real outcomes of national economic and social significance.

Internationally there are a number of research groups that may be of interest to Australian farm foresters including those in New Zealand and South Africa.

Major research organisations

JVAP and ANU Forestry Farm Forestry and Agroforestry Reference Library
The Farm Forestry and Agroforestry Reference Library is a project developed by the
Joint Venture Agroforestry Program (JVAP) and ANU Forestry. The 'reference library' is a free downloadable database of farm forestry and agroforestry research.
ANU Forestry:
Joint Venture Agroforestry Program:

National research and development corporations
Joint Venture Agroforestry Program:
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation:
Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation:
Land and Water Australia:

Higher Education Institutions in Australia

CSIRO – Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products and their associated Plantations and Farm Forestry Program
Australian Tree Seed Centre

Cooperative Research Centres
CRC for Australian Weed Management
CRC for Biological Control of Pest Animals
CRC for Catchment Hydrology
CRC for Coastal Zone, Estuary and Waterway Management
CRC for Conservation and Management of Marsupials
CRC for Freshwater Ecology
CRC for Greenhouse Accounting
CRC for Plant-based Management of Dryland Salinity
CRC for Sustainable Tourism
CRC for Tropical Rainforest Ecology and Management
CRC for Tropical Savannas Management
CRC for Sustainable Production Forestry
CRC for Tropical Plant Protection
CRC for Innovative Wood Manufacturing

State based research organisations

Many of the states support their own forestry or land management research groups.

Forestry research in DPI -

New South Wales
State Forests -

Forests Tasmania -

Western Australia
Department of Conservation and Land Management -

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