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On-farm research

Those farmers who undertake monitoring and research on their own farms have the most to gain from the results. Those who are able to critically and objectively evaluate their management techniques can use the knowledge gained to further refine and adapt their farm forestry projects. When the results of on-farm research are supported by formal scientific research and understanding, farmers can be more confident in their application. If the results of on-farm research or monitoring appear to contradict current knowledge, then there may be a need for scientists to investigate further.

The potential contribution farmers can make, either alone or in partnership with scientists, in extending and improving Australia’s current knowledge of farm forestry is enormous. This will require farmers to learn skills and adopt the disciplines required to design, monitor and evaluate research. A broad definition of on-farm research may include any of the following:

1. Observation and exploration
2. Recording and documenting
3. Measurement and analysis
4. Comparison of treatments and testing new ideas

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