Why Plant Trees? / Making Money from Farm Forestry
Why Farm Forestry
Why Plant Trees
Markets for products & services
Designing a Farm Forest

Making money from farm forestry

Trees and forests provide a wide range of products and services including:
• clean water
• wildlife habitats
• clean air
• healthy soils
• recreation and educational opportunities
• timber
• honey.

These products and services are real and benefit individuals, private companies, governments and communities.

Although farmers have made money from trading wood products in local and international markets for years, interest is increasing in identifying alternative tree products such as bush foods, oils and pharmaceuticals. In addition, government agencies and catchment boards are seriously considering, and testing, market mechanisms for buying conservation value from forest owners.

Farm forests provide opportunities for farmers to diversify and explore different business opportunities. They might be able to sell services by creating opportunities for recreation and tourism, conduct paid tours of their forests or use their forestry experience to gain employment.

Growing forests for money
Timber products
Non-timber products
Environmental and social services

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